Saturday, 6 April 2013

Talking to St Lukes.

No I am not on me last legs!!!

St Lukes are there for all cancer patients, like McMillan, but we don't have McMillan cancer services in my area, only the support group. These lovely places are there for any stage of cancer, not just for end of life, I, like many others have been afraid to approach them as I feel once I take that first step, that is it, I am on the way out. this isn't the case and just talking to them has helped me so much.

I have contacted St Lukes Hospice because of the pain I have been having. My Dr hasn't given me any different pain killers and what I have got is not even touching the pain. I spoke to Sharon yesterday, James had passed my details onto the pain management team. They have done more in a couple of days than the NHS has done for me since February.
Sharon recommended That I keep a diary of what I am taking and to continue taking paracetamol and Nurofen together during the day x 3 and Oramorph at night.
She is going to do a home visit on Monday. What a relief to be listened to. If I can sort out the pain, I will feel so much better in myself. Pain is miserable and does make the whole day feel shadowed by a black cloud. Night time is worse, trying to get in a comfortable position when there is so much pain is difficult. Last night wasn't too bad, I took Oramorph at around 10:30, it eventually starts to work after an hour. I managed to get to sleep and was awake again at 3am. I didn't take anymore, I sat up for a bit until the pain subsided and then managed to get back to sleep.
It was better last night, I have taken the tablets this morning and will do lunch and tea time.
The lovely green monster has arrived. I do have a chest infection, I still have to wait until 14th April for tests with the antibiotics I have had reactions to. Once all the tests are done, I will be able to get some antibiotics. Until then, I am hoping it doesn't turn to pneumonia.

Yesterday Siobhan, her boyfriend and I went out for lunch. It was so good to get out of the house. We went to the Chaddie at Plympton, always a good meal there. One of the servers looked just like Michael Collins from Britain's got talent. It may well have been him but I didn't ask.
We had our lunch and then made our way to Royal William Yard where Timmy Mallett has an art exhibition. I think it was curiosity more than anything else. He had some good paintings but the one I liked the most wasn't one of his. I don't think I am a lover of impressionism. It was good to get out in the sunshine though and to spend time with Siobhan. We need to do more, she has been so busy with her work, she has an event coming up the end of the month.

Westminster Wedding.

Westminster wedding (£7,495)

Tamar Bridge in the mist (£4,195)

Crashing Waves (£8,995)

Sunflower Season (£3,495)

Wonderful Wisteria (£2,995)
I did like this one, it had more depth than some of the other pictures.

Everyone look at each other and say BLAH!!!!!

 The deserted mine (£1,495)

This was my favourite picture, it is beautifully done.

The picture below, the rainbow, reminded me of the warriors, especially Ronny. Such a lovely picture.

Today is lovely, the sun is shining and I have had a better nights sleep. I was in 2 minds to go to my friend, Jayne's, Tonight as my breathing is not good at the moment. I have decided I will go and I will take it easy. I have missed my friends so much. It will be good to have a catch up.

Thinking of Mavis today as she goes to her scan appointment, I hope all is well with her. This is a nightmare time for anyone with cancer. Thinking of you Mavis x x

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