Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The end of an era.

I woke up this morning and got myself ready for my appointment with the Dr at St Lukes to talk about pain management. I saw the nurse, I don't know her name, she was lovley, I burst into tears when she asked me how I was and what would happen with the appointment. Poor girl, She took me into see Dr Mary who is lovely, very caring.
Dr Mary asked me what tablets I was taking, I explained that I hadn't taken the Oxynorm as it was affecting my breathing and I was so frightened. She understood and suggested another pain killer, it would may me drowsy as it got into my system. She upped my Pregabalin in the evenings and prescribed Tampentadol mornings and evening, it is a slow release drug.
She told me to stop taking Nurofen as it damages the kidneys and mine are functioning and filtering but not as much as they should be.

She also asked about the fistula, my TOF. I told her it was clicking and I was sticking on food. I told her I felt I needed a dilatation, She agreed and said the TOF should be done first. She was interested in hearing the click, I told her it was louder if I laid down so I laid on the treatment bed and right on queue, it did it. She said it was the TOF causing a lot of problems. Next thing will be to contact Dr G and get started on that. I will speak to Dr D about this tomorrow.
My bloods have dropped again, Dr Mary thinks I may not need a transfusion yet as they aren't low enough yet but as I am so tired and breathless, 2 symptoms that go with it, she thinks Dr D may suggest it.

Dr Mary told me that I need to rest more, think more about looking after me otherwise I will wear myself out. I will listen, it is difficult as there are things to be done, today being no exception so, as from tomorrow, I will have to relax more. Aunty Mavis and Aunty Rose will be happy to hear this as they have been telling me this for a long time.

Dr Mary faxed the prescription through to my GP in the hope it would be ready today. I was happy with the appointment.
I left there and went to pick up my sick note. 3 months off, I hope I am back to some normality by then as I really want to get back to work, I do miss it. I got home and had a call from the nurse at St Lukes, the prescription was with the surgery and I could pick it up today, wonderful.


I had to say goodbye to a faithful friend today, Halo, my lovely little car. I passed my test in 2004 after 6 tries, 4 in 1992 and 2 in 2004. I was so nervous when I took my test, I didn't think I could do it but it just shows what having a good instructor can do. I took 2 tests from January to August 2004. I was so pleased to pass and David, Kieran's dad, who was my husband at the time, bought me Halo as a birthday gift. It was one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever had, next to having my children that is.

I have had Halo for 8 years, 8 years of being able to get out and about and to build my confidence. I can do anything, she taught me a lot.

Last pictures of my loyal friend.

On her way to the yard where her parts will be recycled for other cars. She will be spreading all the love she gave to me. I had a few tears when she left on the truck.
I am treating this as a new chapter, Halo has helped me achieve so much. Livi will do the same.

With Halo gone and me crying into my hanky, I went in doors and remembered all the good times.
I felt like a drive and had to get my sick note into work so I thought I would put on my music loud in the car and drive to work and hand it in. Billy Idol White wedding was playing. Some words fro the song really meant something to me today "it's a nice day to start again" How true is that.
So Livi and I are starting our new adventure together. We went off to work, took in the sick note, went to the Dr's surgery and picked up the prescription, filled it in, dropped it into the chemist, called my friend Chrissy and asked if she was in so I could pick up my boots she borrowed. She was and said would I like a cuppa. 
I said yes, I could do with one, only problem is that she lives at the top of 3 flights of stairs. No problem she said, I will bring it down. So there we are, sat in Livi, having a cuppa and a chat in the sunshine.

I said goodbye to Chrissy and headed home. Siobhan and her boyfriend were cutting the grass. The weather is lovely, Kieran has finished his GCSE History work, I am so pleased. We will wait and see now just how well he has done. I am so proud of my children every day, they are my inspiration to keep going. Bring on the new chapter, Livi and I are waiting : )

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