Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What a morning.

I am back!!!! no choice this morning, busy little bee. Kieran went off to school, he was off to his college today for the taster day. I got myself dressed, sorted out the kitties, had a lovely coffee from my coffee Fairy, Jan C.... thanks Jan.

Kieran called me, he had missed his connecting bus, He had to be at school for 9:05am, it was now 8:30 am. He had a think about what to do and decided that me picking him up and taking him to school would be the answer.
I got in my car, got so far and then the traffic kicked in, it was solid right through from Mannamead to Mutley. The school run, people going to work, very busy time of day. I told Kieran to meet me at the car park in town. I eventually got there about 9:10 am. Kieran got in the car and off we went to school. 
We got held up again by traffic so a sneaky through some little roads quickened the journey up. By the time we got to school it was 9:32 am. The taxi had gone, typical, it was late yesterday.
So it was off again to take Kieran to the college. We got there alright and he saw his teacher outside. ..... phew.... sorted. Now to get home, Me being a bright spark, thought I would get some petrol on the way home. I went to the garage, filled the car and went into pay, I got to the cash desk and thats when it hit me, Siobhan borrowed my bank card and I forgot to get it back. what am I going to do..... I spoke to the cashier and explained my problem, thank goodness they trust me, I go to that garage a lot. She said i could go back home and get my card, so there is me, off home with stolen petrol in my car. If I don't return I will end up on crime watch.
I got home, got my card and off again. Up to the shop and paid for my goods, right, home and a well earned cup of coffee.

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