Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Where has today gone.

I was up in the night coughing and bringing up muck, still no colourful stuff. Not a great subject I know but I have to say what is happening, it helps others going through the same thing. Not just for them but for me too. We learn from each other.
Siobhan cam in and stayed with me, I think she was worried as my breathing was bad. I took some oramorph as the pain in my shoulder was horrendous.we both managed to get off to sleep. I was awake again at around 7 ish. The cats wanted their breakfast so I fed them and went back to bed. My shoulder was painful again, I took another lot of oramorph and to my surprise, the pain went quite quickly. I put this down to having it on an empty stomach.
I went back to sleep and woke again at around 10:30. I took nurofen and paracetamol, staggering the doses seems to be easier.
I don't know where the day went, I have slept all day, I am so tired and have been vomiting since this morning. It's got to the stage where it is just bile now. I have tried to have fluids, I have had a cola and water. I did try breakfast this morning, Kieran did it for me. A bowl of cereal, cinnamon Graham's. what a waste.
So I am back on bed again, I feel so shattered. Sips of water are all I am going to have, I have cracked open a can of cola, I want it to go flat as that is good for sickness. I hope this wears of soon.
I feel like I want to drink gallons of water as I am so thirsty and the bile leaves a foul taste in the mouth. This has put me off oramorph even more. One good thing though, no pain. I know it will be back but while it has gone, I am going to try and sleep.

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