Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Another adventurous couple of days.

It has been crazy again, I have been taking it easy, not much I can do really. Kieran is away with school for the week. I stayed in most of the time, no driving as such. I went to Chrissy's for tea yesterday, I managed 3 flights of stairs, stopping before attempting each one. We had cauliflower cheese for lunch, it was lovely. Jayne came over too which was great. After lunch and a natter, we had a quick drive around the Hoe, such a lovely day.
When I got home I have some fruit and a yogurt for tea with a glass of water. Big mistake, I choked on the water and aspirated which means the water went onto mt lungs and closed off my airway.

Here we go again, an ambulance and back in hospital. I really didn't want to go in again but I
had no choice.
Siobhan quickly gathered up a few things and I was taken to the trauma unit this time, First time I have been in there. The staff were brilliant, I managed to get the breathing sorted out with a nebuliser and oxygen, a bi-pap machine was mentioned but not used.
I went onto the ward at around 11 pm, it was so busy, not much sleep, I tried to catch up on my sleep but that was never going to happen.
The Dr's came round to see me. They asked about the stents I had out in 3 years ago. I told them they were put in the oesophagus (food pipe) to seal off the TOF but this didn't happen as they both slipped, there was nothing there to hold them. The Dr then said he wasn't talking about the oesophagus, he was taking about a stent in the trachea (windpipe) I told him this was not an option as I have an underlying respiratory condition and anything in the trachea could compromise my breathing.
I told him I was seeing Dr G in Nuffield, not sure when. I was told I would have to see the gastro Dr. Confusion all round, I couldn't get dressed, I had washed and put on a glorious NHS gown with a pair of power knickers, well incontinence pants as there was nothing else. I got changed and called Siobhan, told her not to rush as I was waiting to see another Dr.
Nope, crossed lines again, the gastro Dr would be in touch with me. So who will be in touch? Dr G from Nuffield or the NHS Dr in Derriford?
I called Siobhan again and asked her to bring in my clothes.

Siobhan came in, I did a quick change out of my lovely NHS night gown and off we went. I got home, and was so tired, I went straight to bed and to sleep. I really needed that.
I have to pick up a prescription from the surgery today for anti biotics and for Complan, a milk shake drink to build myself up as I am not eating properly. I will have to be very careful with water, something I know I need to drink regularly. What a palaver, Lets hope the next few days are much better.

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