Thursday, 16 May 2013

At home.

I am home at last, breathing isn't great but better than it was. I have a mountain of tablets to take, pain killers, antibiotics, anti sickness. 
Siobhan, Kieran and Siobhan's boyfriend, David, have been wonderful, so helpful. 
I did push myself today to get motivated, really wanted to walk out of the hospital fighting fit. It was never going to happen so I have to rest and listen to my body.
I have had so many lovely messages of support, cards, flowers, so many people wishing me well. Thank you everyone of you. A couple of emails, from Robert in Kent and from Irene in Scotland, So sorry I haven't replied much. I will get back to you. 
I know you will both understand, I need to get myself up and at them again, 


Flowers from warriors and ADAO (Asbestos disease Awareness Organisation) Thank you so much.

Windmilll from Rachel and Photo taken by Rebecca with a card. Such a talented photographer. Thank you so much girls x x

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