Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Back home.

i have just got back from seeing Dr D. theo has grown , which I knew anyway as the pain is horrendous. I will be starting chemotherapy on Friday 10th May. I hope this gives Theo a slap upside his head.
I now have a plan of action, I feel like something is being done. I have waited since January to get started on the chemo. Because it has been left so long, the tumour has grown which is causing so much pain. I hope once I start the chemo things will get better.

I have also got an appointment to see the TOF Dr. I don't have any blockages on the scan, I do need a dilatation though which is a widening of the oesophagus. Dr G will also check for anything remarkable in the oesophagus and, as i have given the details, he will get in touch with Dr TOF in Taunton.
I hope this chemo works. I want to win this battle. Theo has had too long on his own and been left to his own devices. Well matey, sorry to tell you but your days are numbered.

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