Saturday, 11 May 2013

Back home.

I was admitted to hospital on Thursday by my GP. My oncologist suggested it was the right thing to do as my breathing was difficult and the TOF was playing up, I am choking on solid foods.
I am all booked to have a dilatation on Wednesday. A dilatation means the oesophagus will be stretched to it's normal size so I can eat solid foods again. The consultant is also going to try and close the TOF. I hope it works.
I am trying to get my breathing back up, I think it has improved but it is difficult to tell.
I came home today, managing to walk from the ward to the main entrance, considering I had a wheel chair to the ward on Thursday, I think that is a bog improvement. I still need to take it easy.

I have come home and will go back in on Monday. Kieran is back home after his time away, he has enjoyed himself.
Siobhan has been busy making me soup and keeping me under control : )
I have visits from my lovely friends, thank you for taking the time to come in.
Not much more to tell.

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