Wednesday, 1 May 2013

CT results today

I will see Dr D this afternoon. I am hoping to get a plan of action and find out what the latest CT has revealed.

I had a good night, I took the pain killers. I did have break through pain so took a tablet to deal with that. All was well, I slept right through till the morning until a furry paw woke me up by poking me in the face.

I tried to be clever this morning, I took all my tablets apart from the slow release pain killer. I didn't want to be sleepy when I drive to see Dr D. Silly me, I had to take it, the pain was horrendous, Too much to take so I took it and decided that if I am sleepy, I will get a taxi. I am trying to put me first, get the pain out of the way, why suffer it if I don't have too.
It is a beautiful day here, the sun is shining and making me feel much happier than the grey, rainy skies we have had for such a long time.

I am relaxing now, the pain is going, thank goodness.

Theo I think I hate you the most right now. You are a rotten bastard, Is this punishment for kicking your butt? Well boy, your about to get another arse kicking, don't get too cocky. I hate you, I am ready for the next battle, beware the wrath of a warrior!!!!

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