Saturday, 18 May 2013

Feeling much better.

The weather in Plymouth is beautiful, it is like a Summers day. The sun makes me feel so much happier, Kieran has gone to his dad's, he has been very helpful while I was in hospital and while I have been so ill. He does his own lunch and gets himself off to school. Siobhan has been helpful too, we went to the shops this afternoon, this was my first time out since getting out of hospital. My breathing is still low, I am hoping it will pick up a little more each day.

I am going to have a YAY for the DAY.

This is a phrase Barry, a warrior friend from Australia used to say everyday. He had gained his wings a few years ago. He had a YAY every day. I am still in touch with Lyn, his wife.

So my YAY is a big thank you to everyone who is supporting me. I have had the most frightening experience of my life. Not being able to breath is terrifying and I am now trying hard not to panic when I do go out. I have lost a lot of confidence with this. I look at the stairs like they are the biggest challenge in the world. I went to the local shop with Siobhan, we went in the car, wonderful to get back in Livi, and we went onto to the supermarket. I took a slow walk around the store while using the trolley for support, we managed to find one that worked. We walked around slowly, well done me : )
I was so proud of myself. Poor Siobhan had to listen to my steroid head rant on. I natter away when I am on steroids, I am a natural natterer anyway so this is even worse.

This is the lovely blue sky outside my house today and here is the proof. My friends up North have grey clouds and rain. This weather has been really strange, never the same everywhere.
Snow last week on Dartmoor, rain, hail and now sun. I hope it continues and spreads itself all over the country : )
I am having a drastic moment. I am changing my hair, when I start the chemo it will come out anyway so I thought I would colour it again and get a short haircut later when I speak to my hairdresser and TOF friend, Jacqui..

I have Pilar cysts coming up on my scalp so am going to look like a Furby who has been splashed with water .... bumps all over my head.   : )
They will have to be cut out at some point, something else to deal with but very minor compared to what is going on at the moment.

I hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow, I hope the sun shines for you x x

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