Thursday, 30 May 2013

Getting support.

I have been busy today with phone calls, sorting out the car as Livi's hand brake is slack.
RAC will come out to the house and do that.

I took a sleeping tablet last night and it affected my breathing so that was a bit frightening.

I have been in touch with St Lukes, our local hospice and will be going in tomorrow at 11:00am.
It is for System management. My head is a mess as I feel terrified that if I fall aslppe I won't wake up as I don't feel I am confident and in control of my breathing.
The cats will have to be dealt with as when I do get to sleep, Storkie boy decides that 5 am is the right time for breakfast. He gets close up to my face and at the moment I can't cope with that.

I am getting oxygen in the house, something else that will help my psychological state.

Short and sweet today.


Elaine Cadogan said...

Hi Debbie
Just wanted to give you an online hug today.. My Dad has this horrible disease and he has found the use of a fan blowing on his face really helpful to catch his breath. The oxygen has helped too. Thinking of you
Elaine x

Debbie said...

Thank you Elaine,
I hope your dad is doing well. I have been using a fan as I know The June Hancock Fund supply them free of charge x thank you for support and love to you and your dad x x