Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lovely day yesterday.

I have had some lovely visitors come and see me over the last few days. Rachel and Rebecca came in, Rachel gave me a little windmill, it is so sweet and Rebecca and photo she had taken of a damsel fly. It was beautiful, she is such a talented photographer. Siobhan had been in, she is a sweetheart, I forgot my pills and she brought them in for me. My friend Tina who brought me in on Monday. Thank you all of you x x I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, if I have, I do apologise.

Yesterday was a cyber visiting day, I was skyping, Skype is a phone call on the computer, Mavis in the UK, Linda, Suzanne and Ann in the USA and dear Lou in Australia who couldn't do it due to bad weather. We missed her. We all chatted and had a coffee together. It was wonderful, while we were chatting flowers arrived and chocolates from them, what a surprise, thank you so much, what a lovely thought x
To top it all, Siobhan arrived, it was a wonderful morning.

I am feeling much better, my breathing is better, I feel I have more capacity. Getting on top of the chest infection has been the thing today and as that as gone I find the pain has gone too. So, it wasn't the meso causing the pain, it was the muck.
I am walking a lot further than before but can't get the fear of not being able to breathe out of my head, climbing stairs is terrifying me at the moment. The phycological side of cancer can be worse than having it at times. I think I ned to talk to someone about it.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to all those people who are supporting me, the blog helps me a lot with dealing with this illness. There are those that will try and tear you down but they just make me stronger, fuel my fire. Thank you again to those lovely people, family, friends, warriors and my children for helping me get through this. This chapter has been a hard one.
I am in for my procedure today to close off the TOF, I hope I can go home tomorrow and talk about starting chemo again. Once that is out of the way, I want to get back to work.
It would be so nice to have a normal life : )

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Jan said...

I truly wish we could have that normal life, you are doing well Debbie. Our blogs are our release and thank God for them as its easier sometimes to tell cyber friends how you feel than those closest to you.
Good luck for the op and getting home tomorrow. Xx