Friday, 24 May 2013

Massive catchup

I have had such a time of it lately, I have been too tired to write the blog. i am going to try and catch up now.
I have been struggling with breathing for a few weeks now and not seemingly getting on any further.
I am tired although the pain has gone, I have more of an ache in the top right of my back, like a finger being pushed in and staying there.
I have been nebulising for the past few days which has helped a lot but not much further ahead.
Siobhan has been my legs, my arms and everything else round the house. I don't know what I would do with out her to be honest. I have had great support from my friends, Mandy took me out for a little break on Monday which I thoroughly enjoyed and will go out again next week.
I am out with Chrissy on Sunday and now have a wheel chair until Tuesday. Jayne has been wonderful also, offering up her soup and bread and a meal at hers. I couldn't go to hers this week as I can't manage the steps.
I woke up this morning, had a cough, whoopee.... how thrilled was I to see a lovely shade of yellow with my mucus this morning (apologies for being graphic) To top that, it is a bank holiday weekend so I will have to ring the Drs.
I had a home visit with my Dr, she was wonderful, happy to give me a script for more antibiotics.
My lovely legs, siobhan, came with me to pick them up.
All sorted for the weekend.

Good luck to Kieran who is doing his Relay for life walk. He does this every year in Cornwall.
Such a quick blog, have a lovely weekend everyone, thanks for all your good wishes : )

This morning outside my house : )

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