Thursday, 23 May 2013

My dream

My dream.

I typical isn't it, I go off to sleep beautifully on 22nd may at 10:30 pm.

I am tired so drift off quickly.

At last, a good nights sleep in my bed.

Next thing I know I am asleep and I am laying here, my left lung has such a sharp pain in it.

I can hear rumbling, the pain is bad in my left side.

I can see a thorn like thing coming out of it.

I am panting, I can't breath, I need the nebuliser.

I start to tell myself there is pain and I am so out of breath when then I realise something. (I am still dreaming at this stage and can still hear this rumbling noise)

Someone is messing with me, I keep telling myself this over and over again. I am saying the f word though just to make it more real. I was angry and repeating it over and over again, someone is f ing with me.

I have the pain, the breathlessness, the thorn like thing, the rumbling.

As I start coming out of my dream, I tell myself that my pain is in my right lung and not my left. The rumbling is still going on and I am coming out of the sleep even more now.

It's 1 o'clock in the morning and my neighbour has decided this is the right time to put their wheelie bins out for collection.

The thorn like thing is a feather like spike , I was talking about the film the black swan with my friend earlier in the day.

I woke up completely, still feeling like I was out of breath.

I told myself to stop it as the pain would be in my right lung. I did and the pain went, no pain, no spike But still the rumblings from my wonderful neighbours.

Thanks guys. Now I am awake. I am not out of breath atall. There is no pain in my left lung, none in my right for that matter, wide awake and writing this. I could do with a coffee but don't want to venture down stairs as all is good with the breathing. I have to try and get back to sleep ...... Bummer : (

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