Monday, 20 May 2013

Oh what a night.

UI was all twitchy last night, feeling so trap inside my body because of the opioids I am taking. One tablet 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg in the evening with a top up of 50 mg of Tanpentadol  (Palexia) if I need it. I googled the side affects and, again, it is a respiratory depressant. I don't want my breathing compromised anymore, I have been doing breathing exercises and trying my best to get mobile. I feel like I am blocked in but I have now found the key to get out, I hope.

Last night I decided not to take the top up. The pain had started and I was looking for a hot water bottle. I went onto facebook and said I needed a hot water bottle. One of my warrior sisters in Australia suggested getting a plastic drink bottle and filling it with hot water......  EUREKA....... of course!!
I looked in the kitchen and found a conditioner bottle. I washed it out and filled it with hot water, it worked, the pain went and I haven't needed a back up tablet. I am not going to take the 100 mg tablet this morning. I am very twitchy though, my fingers shake and sometimes I can't control them and amhitting buttons on the computer for no reason. Not good, I hope it stops.
Pain started again so a filled my bottle again, with the heat, the pain went. I am feeling it is working, only time will tell.
Thank you so much Vickie in Australia for your suggestion. I have had pain relief from heat so I know what I will be doing from now on.

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