Friday, 31 May 2013

St Luke's hospice today

Yesterday was a lovely day, the sun was shining and I had friends who came to visit. Linda and heather are good friends. They came over and we chatted in the garden over a coffee. 
Linda came over late morning. She had just lost her lovely cat, so sad as they are such a part of the family. It was lovely to see her. 
Heather came over in the afternoon, she was laden with goodies, home baking at its  best, I managed a piece of her lemon drizzle cake.
I had done a lot yesterday, for out about.  My breathing is still difficult but is improving every day.
I didn't have a very good night, I need to sleep and it isn't happening.

Last night was the same, I didn't sleep well. I feel so shattered today. Siobhan's friend took me into st Luke's, I met my friends Ali and Ann here. Jayne came in a little later. 
Was lovely to hear a nurse who is looking after me talk about my dad as she had nursed him. I feel he is close by now. 
Going to close now as I am tired but I will update when I can. Thank you for all your support x x x

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