Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I had a visit from my friend Ann today, She came over, at my request, to be here when my GP turned up as I had rang to have a home visit today.
He arrived and was quite certain that all my issues were with Mesothelioma. I asked about having antibiotics IV as the hospital have aid he would need to refer me and that the GP could access all the services to support me.
I tried to explain that I was under no illusion about my illness and I can live with mesothelioma. He was very blunt, telling me the worst, I was heartbroken. I don't feel ill, I am trying my best to eat, I stayed in bed all day today at Siobhan's request. I am doing the nebulisor 3 - 4 times a day. I have had productive muck 4 times today, all green in it. That is telling me that the chest infection is still ongoing. He wasn't happy about me having IV antibiotics. He seemed surprised about what the hospital has said yesterday.

When the GP had left, Ann and I burst into tears, I kept saying over and over again, this can't be it. I feel well in myself, my weight is good. A chest infection is a tough thing to get over for anyone. The two need to be separated, deal with the chest infection, if it is Theo kicking up, that has to be a separate issue. Last night at the hospital I was asked about an asthma attack and if I had had one before, I never have. I have 4 respiratory problems going on, no one should assume any one thing is making all the problems.
After the GP had left, the nurse from the local hospice came over. I am not end of life yet, I need support with my breathing. I am hoping to get into the hospice for some symptom management. The hospice are so very helpful and when she had left i felt so much better.

Onwards and upwards, I have done well today with my diet, 3 biscuits, 2 complan drinks and water while trying not to aspirate. I hope I can prove my GP wrong. I want to walk into his surgery and show him it isn't over yet!!!!!


AJW4 said...

last year when Ray seemed to go downhill with no energy and a real bad cough it was our oncologist who picked up he had an infection- as you say nasty coloured mucus is a certain give away.

In fact he had pneumonia which took several weeks to shift. We all know what meso means but it doesn't always mean it is the cause of everything- that is a really lazy attitude by your GP.

Is there a different GP in your practice you can speak to , keeping my fingers crossed

Debbie said...

Amanda, these illnesses can be worse than having meso at times can't they.
I am improving every day, albeit slowly.
Hope all is good with Ray.
I am looking into changing my GP.
Sending you both love x x