Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What a nightmare.

I haven't updated for a few days,it has been so hard to get the energy to do very much. My breathing is the worst it has ever been. I feel very let down by the system at the moment. I went into hospital again last night only to be sent home and told my GP needs to put things in place. I have him coming out for a home visit today and will get something in place. Siobhan is doing everything, she is in great demand, my arms,my legs, my support. I am totally reliant on her.
I have a chest infection thats needs conquering now, it would help if someome would listen to me, I have been saying this since February.I need a voice, I am doing it all amd am so tired, I need someone fighting my corner.
I have got a nebulisor at home now but it doesn't seem to be enough. I have been told I need to request oxygen at home. I will have to ask about that as well.

Thank you my warrior friends for the lovely flowers I got today. They have brightened up my day.

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