Sunday, 2 June 2013

2 good days in a row.

I have had two days of improvement now, I am so pleased I have turned a corner. I am listening to Billy Idol while writing my blog. My friend Chrissy came over today an did a wonderful foot and hand massage, I has made me feel so relaxed. She is going to stay here tomorrow night and we will have a pamper night. My breathing is still poor but each day seems to be improve. I did manage to do a small walk without oxygen today. The staff here are wonderful. This is a beautiful place, I can see why so many people say that St lukes hospice is so wonderful. It isn't just treatment, it is the psychological elements that are dealt with too. I have been chatting to the staff when I need to. They are all amazing. I am looking forward to having an evening with Chrissy tomorrow, her sleeping here will be wonderful. Siobhan will come in too. She is a wonderful girl. she has decided to do the moonlight walk to raise money for St Lukes. Ann and Bill came over. They are so supportive, always here for me. I am so lucky to be blessed with all these amazing people in my life. Jayne dropped off some clothes, she has a cold so didn't come in. Other friends will be in tomorrow and Tuesday. Siobhan is getting the respite she deserves and so am I. Kieran is will his dad as we all needed a break.

 Chrissy looking out to sea.

Me yesterday

Plymouth Hoe from my room.

View from my room

My room

Lovely sculpture in the garden

White feather in my room.

Siobhan is doing the Moonlight walk in Plymouth to raise money fro St Lukes Hospice. She has raised £230 so far to this very good cause.
Anyone wanting to sponsor her can do so through the link below. Even £1 is a bonus. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

My lovely girl and I, I am so very proud of her and what she is doing x x

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Rest in me a spot in heavan.would love to share the best parts of your life