Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New look blog

Siobhan has been updating the blog with a new look. Sorry for any inconvenience and I hope you like it.
Also I am adding my day in pictures. I have had a lovely day, lots of friends. Warriors Mandy, Heather who lost her brother, Martin,to mesothelioma, flowers from Emma, she lost her Dad, Ron, To mesothelioma.
My sister Wendy, my niece Rochelle and great niece Lacey. My work friend Rachel, Matt her BF and Kal and Zac her little boys. My friend Ann who lost her sister, Beverly, to mesothelioma. I went to Ann's house for a coffee and took the oxygen tank only to find it was empty. I managed to talk and stay at Ann's with her husband, Jack, for about 3/4 hour. Well done me, I have proved I can go without the oxygen.

Emma's flowers and card

Heather's flowers

Wendy and Rochelle's flowers

Above - Avis's drinks and manicure and Rachel and Matt's Toiletries - below.

Carolyn's flowers (Yesterday)

Wendy, Myself and Rochelle x x

Wendy and I

Wendy and I

 Rochelle and I

 Rochelle and I

Rachel, Kal and Zac with me.

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