Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ct Scan

I had my CT scan yesterday. I had a call from Bill and Ann, 2 warriors from our local support group. they are such a lovely, caring couple. The said they would take me to the hospital and then I would be going back to there place for a cuppa.

I ended up having scrambled egg on toast with them as well, courtesy of chef Bill : )
Their bathroom and kitchen have been decorated and look wonderful.

After something to eat and a very long natter, Bill dropped me back home.
Such lovely people, thank you Ann and Bill.

Today Kieran had a full day at Saltash college, that is where he is going after he leaves school.
He said he enjoyed it, I am so pleased but had no doubts he would like it.
I had a meeting with my GP and a blood test afterwards. I had the meeting, left the surgery and headed to my friends for a cuppa.
As I got to the door, the lightbulb goes off....... PING!!!! ....... BLOOD TEST....... Bugger, I forgot.
I rang the surgery and asked if I should make another appointment or come back, the answer was go back.
I just don't help myself, I am feeling so tired lately and very breathless and was looking forward to a sit down.
I got to the surgery, had the blood test and then back to my friends.
We had a cuppa and a chat, I told her about my new car, getting her on 13th. She is in Plymouth.
She said lets go and see her, I wanted to do this anyway so I didn't need much pushing.
We went round to the sale room, couldn't see her. We saw an awful green/yellow Fiesta and next to it was a Fiesta style, Racing car red....thats my colour : )
My car wasn't at the show room, she was in Estover but I can talk to the saleman tomorrow and he can arrange to have her brought here.
I am still very nervous about driving my new car as she looks huge compared to my little Halo.

After we finished there, we went to Plymstock, I had some retail therapy.
Silly me didn't realise how much walking round the shops would affect me.
I felt exhausted. I was feeling so breathless and weak that my friend left me to get her car.

What a mess I am, I know I need a transfusion, B12 and I think it is iron too.
I have never felt so exhausted in a long time. The last time was about 18 months ago.
I picked up my car from my friends and got myself home. Walking from the garage to the house was such a struggle. I got in and flaked out on the sofa, Not even any energy to take my coat off. I find I get very cold as well in my hands and feet.

Kieran came home from school, he has had a good day.

Tomorrow will be a day of resting, I need to, I can hear Aunties Mavis, Jan and Rose keyboards clicking away....... I know girls : ) I promise tomorrow will be easy just like the kitty in the picture.  x x x Aunty Tess is clicking away too, I had better rest tomorrow  x x Love you girls x x

Monday, 28 January 2013

Blood test results.

I spoke to my GP today, He said my B12 was low and something else, my chemo brain won't allow me to intake that information!! : )

I have a low blood count as well so may need another transfusion. My GP is going to contact Dr D about it. That would account for my breathlessness, lack of energy and feeling so tired.
I have been taking some pain killers as Theo has decided to make himself known over the last few weeks. Not sure if it's stress or the chemo still kicking him, I hope it's the later, it is under control at the moment. It could even be the cold weather and the chest infection, maybe a little fluid is left after the chest infection. I have had the same pain in the right lung, only a small amount, nothing like I had when I first discovered Theo.

Ann and Bill, my wonderful warrior friends are taking me to the hospital for my scan on Wednesday, they have been away visiting family, They has a new grandson,  and it is so good to hear from them.
Next week I see Dr D. I have to put on a stone before I see him so am happy to take any weight to bump up mine.

Wonderful Derby

My news from the  IATP event in Derby, It went very well, I couldn't make it due to the weather but those that did had a fabulous time. I was so pleased to see that the wine holder shoe I donated went for £100. I will explain the evening in pictures.

Mavis receiving her ADAO award, the Alan Reistein award, the same one I received last year, Well done Mavis. x x

5 Glamorous girls and fabulous warriors, Linda Reinstein, Judith, Mavis, Rose and Linda T.
 Above - Mavis and Linda receiving their IATP awards. Well done ladies, you are a credit to the warriors community.
Below - Mavis with her ADAO award, Mavis's husband, Ray is pictured with her and I think this is their son, Terry with his wife.

Christine (and her team at IATP) who did a great job organising the evening.

Christine AKA 'M' with her husband, Mark, well done you tow, what a great job.

Barbara McQueen signed and donated her book, The last mile. I am not sure yet how much it raised.

The wine holder shoe that I donated, It made £100 for DAST.



IATP is a UK-NI-SI-European Member Organisation for Asbestos related training providers. IATP promotes Member compendent and compliant training providers throughout the industry sectors they work within. IATP is a democratic organisation that is driven by its Member training providers. A Community Interest Company, 
promoting Asbestos Awareness, Good Practice to the industries and the public


We help and support anyone diagnosed with asbestos related diseases. We also campaign on issues affecting vicitms of asbestos related diseases and in particular issues affecting victims of mesothelioma (asbestos related cancer). We cover the East Midlands area.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

So quiet!!!

Peace has descended over the Brewer Mansion. Siobhan went to her boyfriends place last night, Kieran went to his dads to stay overnight tonight and Rich returned to Ireland with Kerri and the girls, so, it's just me and the cats. It is so quiet.
I should be in Derby with my meso family but weather changed my mind. There was heavy snowfall in Derby last night so maybe it is a good job my trip was canceled. Tonight is Mavis's night and I hope she has a wonderful evening, she deserves it for all the work she does supporting us in our meso community. She is our meso mum : )

I am going to stay in as the cold nights really affect my lungs. Theo has been giving me a bashing over the past fews days. I don't usually resort to pain killers but I have had to this time.

So, it is going to be a very quiet Saturday night for me.

Linda R, Linda T, Judith, Mavis, Ray, Christine, Mark and Rose, have a great evening, I look forward to seeing all your pictures and I hope you raise loads of dosh for DAST : )

My lovely warrior family, well, some of them. Have a fabulous time tonight, Linda and Mavis, enjoy your night, you deserve it. Christine and Mark, Well done on pulling off this fantastic event.
At 9pm Mavis said they will be raising a glass to warriors who have fallen, this includes Cher, our precious angel, who fell asleep a few weeks ago. The fight continues in all of their memories x x x

Cher and Neil on their wedding day last year x x x

Friday, 25 January 2013

Blood test results.

It is Richard and Kerri's last day with us today, they will be off to Ireland tomorrow. I am hoping the roads will be good to them. I have canceled my trip to Derby, the weather forecast isn't good and it wasn't worth the worry to have to drive up and back to Derby. If we don't get stuck on the way up, we may do on the way back. I hope that all the warriors have a fabulous weekend. Linda and Mavis will be receiving their awards, I am gutted I won't see it but, as I said, it isn't worth taking the risk.

I had a blood tesat on Wednesday, I rang the surgery today for my blood test results today, the receptionist told me my liver was fine and I needed to speak to the Dr about U and E results. It didn't come across as this was urgent and she didn't suggest an appointment so I am presuming that all is good.
I will have to make an appointment after the weekend now.

I have egg and chips at Jayne's this evening, it was lovely, I have missed that.

We have lots of rain here, still no snow apart from Dartmoor and the surrounding areas. My warrior sisters, Angela and Tracey, canceled as well. Good job they did, they have heavy snow fall.
I think I made the right decision.

I have a CT scan on Wednesday, I will have to check with the receptionist at the hospital what time it is as I haven't had a letter yet, just a date from Dr D. I will see him the week after and then be discussing radio therapy. So it all starts again, the CT blues or Scanxiety...... The 3 months come around so fast. I am expecting to hear that the meso in the right lung has grown. The left lung seemed to be alringt, the meso had reduced. I hope to get through this without tears, not sure that will happen, I won't escape the feelings but will do my best.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Catch up.

It has been a busy few days, Richard, Kerri and the girls are over from Ireland. Kerri's birthday is on Friday and as I am traveling to Derby for the DAST (Derby Asbestos Support Team) event.
I am hoping it doesn't snow, it is so cold here this evening it feels like there will be a heavy downfall. 
If it does come down heavy, I won't be going anywhere. 
We went out to eat last night to celebrate Kerri's birthday, we went to Franky and Benny's who always do a good birthday. Kerri didn't know this was planned. She loves her shoes so a shoe cake was a must, Siobhan and I saw it and thought of her.
I was going to drive to the venue but as it had hailed very heavily, there was thunder and lightening as well, the night before I decided against it. We ordered 2 taxis as there were 8 of us. 

Happy Birthday Kerri : )

 The shoe cake.

I found a lovely headband on facebook, thanks to my warrior sister Lisa. I oredered it and it arrived today. It was well wrapped and presented in a lovely black box with a cream bow.
It is so pretty, Any excuse to wear some head gear so I am hoping that I do make it to Derby as I will wear this in the evening. It is very delicate with to beautiful silver dragonflies on it.
The lady who made it loves dragonflies too, she is called Jane and her business is called HF couture accessories.

I had a blood test this morning. I am still a little breathless so am getting that checked. My very wise GP has given me a back up of steroids and anti biotics to keep hold of incase I need them. The roads were alright this morning, I got back just in time to meet my friend, Wendy, She is one of my very best friends. It was lovely to catch up with her and talk about what our children are doing and how things are going for us both. We had a lovely lunch at the Jack Rabbit and talked away, forgetting to choose from the menu. The poor waitress came back about 3 times I think : )

Wendy dropped me back home to a very quiet house. Everyone was out. They had all gone in town. Stork and Amber are finding it difficult as they are not used to children. They seem to have settled a lot more though. I am babysitting tonight, Kerri and Rich have gone out to meet up with his friends. The girls are all quiet and in bed. We have another visitor, Basil, the stray cat. He has made himself very comfortable, to Amber's horror. Stork couldn't care less, he is curled up on the sofa beside me. I can't be so mean as to throw Basil out in the cold.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Still no snow here.

It is still very cold but, as yet, there has been no snow in my street. It is on the moor and some places, what we did have washed away with the rain last week.
Rich is staying at his dads again today so it is Siobhan, her BF, Kieran and I at home. Kieran was with his dad so we took the opportunity to go up to the garden centre and have a look around. I was looking for bird food, it is so cold for them. We have had a squirrel come round as well. We had a hot chocolate in the cafe, lovely on a cold day.
We picked up squirrel food, bird seed, coconut lard feeders and a couple of trays to put on the feeder in the garden.
I set it all up when I got home. Greedy magpies have been making a meal of it, they have been taking the squirrels food. I am sure he will get something though.

Amber and Stork have been loving watching them while they are say in a warm house.
It was good to get out of the house, it is cold but not as cold as it was. I am feeling a little better, still very breathless. I am hoping to get an appointment with my Dr tomorrow to discuss a blood test. I am wondering if my bloods have dropped a little as I have been breathless before when they have.

Not long to go now, I am off to Derby on Friday and the IATP event for DAST on Saturday where our lovely Mavis will be getting an award as will Linda Reinstein and well deserved too.
I am hoping the snow doesn't decide to come along on Thursday evening.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

No snow zone.

Rich, Kerri and the girls had settled in well, they arrived on Wednesday. We haven't seen much snow, a little yesterday morning that was washed away by the rain. It was very cold yesterday and the sky looked ready to burst, it looked so heavy with snow. That has all changed this morning, it isn't so cold today, still no snow, I hope it isn't next weekend as I am off to Derby to see my meso sisters and I don't want to miss that.
I babysay last night, Rich and Kerri went out about 8:30pm after they got the girls settled. They went for something to eat and have a drink before going to the cinema to see the Hobbit. I have to say the girls were perfect, no trouble at all. They have all gone to the National Marine Aquarium today and will meet up with Rich's dad, they are staying with him tonight. I dropped them off at the Barbican and picked Siobhan and her Bf up in the city centre. I gave the girls some money to spend as they were so good last night. Kieran has gone in town to meet his dad, he is staying with him tonight.
So it is a very quiet house, Just Siobhan, her BF and I. Amber has been hiding away under Siobhan's bed as she is nervous of the girls so she is happier now that the house is quiet.

I have been feeling much better, I have steroids for tomorrow, still a bit of a cough and muck so it will be a trip to the Dr's on Monday as I am still quite breathless as well. The children have been wonderful, so helpful. Rich helped by putting the Christmas stuff away and helping me to get things from Jayne, we are borrowing a blow up bed and duvets.
It is so wonderful to have my babies all back together. I love them so much. Happy days : )

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Feeling much better.

Rich arrived yesterday, with his family, at around 12:30 pm. It was so lovely to see them all, Rich has put on weight, couldn't believe it, I think Kerri is treating him too well : )

Siobhan stayed at her boyfriends, Amber is missing her so much, the cats still aren't sure about what is going on. Stork seems to have settled though, they are not used to having the girls around who want to touch them and hug them every minute.

I started my steroids yesterday, 6 a day. I was hoping I didn't have to take them but I did because I was so very breathless. I feel so much better today, what a difference they make. I dropped Rich, Kerri and the girls in town. I cam back, did some shopping, much better this time, but I am not going to push it. I have left the shopping in the car and will wait for Rich to get back so he can help me.

Still no snow here, it is very cold and grey. I have stocked up anyway so we should be ok for a couple of days. I am sure we will survive if anything does happen.

This picture was taken last year when Kieran and I went to Ireland.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Yesterday the Dr called in and did an examination. I have got a chest infection and the asthma has been kicked up as well.
I have a course of anti biotics and some steroids if I need them.
I had a very restful day yesterday and am doing the same today. Tomorrow Richard is coming home from Ireland for 10 days, we are all looking forward to seeing him and his family.
It is going to be a busy few days : ) Kerri, Richard's girlfriend, has 2 little girls so I am sure we will be kept on our toes.

Richard and his girlfriend, Kerri.

I am sure this chest infection will be well on the way tomorrow, if not, I will rest some more. My next venture will be Derby for the DAST fund raising event (DERBY ASBESTOS SUPPORT TEAM) organised by IATP, an asbestos training provider. My friend, Christine, has been so busy and I hope it is a great success and raises a lot of money for DAST.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Chest infection again.

I went to my friend, Jayne's for tea last night. Egg and chips, it was lovely and great to see her and my other friend, Chrissy, as we hadn't seen each other since before Christmas.
I left Jayne's, She has quite a few steps, I made my way up her steps and could feel my chest getting tighter. I managed to get to my car.
I started coughing and had to pull into a lay-by on the way home. I was coughing so much that I had to find a carrier bag to relieve the muck. I waited a couple of minutes before carrying on my journey.

I eventually got home, the cold air did me no good at all.
I got into the house and stopped, I was so breathless. I waited for this to settle before anything else.
I took of my coat, said hello to Siobhan and her Bf, Kieran was in his room. I told them I was going to bed, it was 7:15pm. I got to the top of the stairs and found I was very breathless again and coughing.
I got into bed, heated blanket on, it was so cold outside. I talked to my warrior friends on FB and they said I should call the Dr out. I rang Devon Dr's who said to take paracetamol and the chest infection will go on it's own. I told the Dr I was immunocompromised as I had ahd chemotherapy. He sida call my GP tomorrow. I rang the oncology department who rang Dr D, my oncology Dr. He said they should have come out. He suggested I call the surgery in the morning and tell them I want a Dr to come out. There is no way I could get myself there, I would be in a right old state with the coughing and breathlessness.
I had a good nights sleep and called the surgery this morning. A Dr will be out around 12 ish.
Thank you so much to my warrior family and my friends for their support. Sometimes we all need a littl push to do things : )

We had about 10 flakes of snow last night, nothing this morning. A lot of the country has snow.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tea at Jayne's

I have had a quiet weekend. I haven't gone out as I have been feeling so tired. Jayne did me egg and chips for tea. So lovely to see her and Chrissy again, the first time since before Christmas. It was lovely to catch up on what has happened since then.
After we had eaten and had a chat, Chrissy and I made a move to go home. The temperatures have dropped again, it is so cold outside. We left about 7:15pm,  Jayne lives quite close to me. I set off in my car, got half way home and had to pull into the side of the road. I couldn't stop coughing and bringing up muck, I grabbed a carrier bag from the back of the car and used that. There was no waiting until I got home, I can here my friend, Mandy, saying "why didn't you call me?" ...... I got sorted out quite quickly, enough to get me home. Poor Mandy would have had to come out in the freezing cold and it would have taken her longer to get here than me just get myself home. I will consider myself told off : )

I am now in bed with my heated blanket on, TV on, Computer on and my faithful friend by my side.

I made a video today, Richard (NAH) put a piece of music on his facebook which I thought would fit it perfectly, It is called consideration and sang by REEF, a band I haven't heard anything from for a while and one which I do like.

It details my meso journey up to now. I hope you like it : )

Friday, 11 January 2013

Wide awake club

It's 3:30 am and I am wide awake. Had a few tears, I feel so low at the moment. I had a lovely day out with Tina. Had fun trying on dresses, I just feel so lonely. Night time is the worst, especially when I am feeling like this. I sometimes wish I had someone who I could share all this with, someone who would say, mums tired, talk to me.
My warrior friends are wonderful, why do they have to be scattered so far away?
I haven't been feeling that grand over the last few days, I feel selfish for talking like this as so many have been lost, I think losing Cher has hit me very hard.
Her husband is such a super star, still supporting me even when dealing with his own pain.
People are so kind, I feel guilty about being depressed, I should be happy I am still here, so why aren't I?
I am so frightened, I don't want Theo having control, I owe it to my warrior friends to buck myself up and get on with my life. I have my lovely storkie boy sat beside me, he is such a comfort to me, I know he is only waiting for the iPad to play his cat game but he does show so much affection, I will forgive him that one.
There it is, the morning rant. Now I will try and get back to sleep.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dress shopping!!

I have been feeling a little down over the past few days, not gone out and feeling tired. I went out yesterday and got the shopping, got home and was shattered. I know my friend Mandy will have something to say, I should have called her but I do try and do so much myself.
I slept a little better last night, Kieran has been home from school since Tuesday, he is very nervous about going back due to other pupils. I was good this morning and decided, himself, that he would try and get to school. He got to reception when the anxiety kicked in. He spoke to his teacher who seemed to put his mind at rest and he did manage a whole day, which is good. 
I went into town with my friend, Tina, today. It was so good to get out. I am glad I did, we had a wander round some shops. We went into Debenhams as I have to get a dress for the event in Derby.
I was looking for a bargain and, by golly, I found one!!!
I had a £25 voucher from Siobhan and her BF for Christmas, found 3 dresses which I liked.
I tried them on, Tina gave some advice about what was a yay and what would be a definite nay.

NUMBER 1 : I liked this one on the mannequin but not on me, it's far too young and showed all of next weeks washing!!! A friend on facebook called it a car crash, I think she is right : )

NUMBER 2 : I loved this one and waited for Tina's feedback, she liked it too.

NUMBER 3 : Not sure about this one, it is nice but not as nice as the previous one. It doesn't help wearing thick tights that don't match the dresses : )

I chose ....... NUMBER 2!!

It is a nice shape and very comfortable, the photo doesn't do it justice.
It had £7 reduction in the sale, with Siobhan's £25 off, I paid £4.99, what a bargain.

Tina and I had lunch at Leandra's in the city centre. I haven't been there since I had a meal there with our lovely George, the colonel.  I could see him stood outside looking for Richard (NAH) and I, Good memories : )
I had omelette and chips for lunch although I couldn't manage the chips, frozen ones are the worst, they irritate my TOF. I hope my Aunty Rose is happy that I had omelette. I came home and had a coffee and a cream cake : )
I got home and was worn out again, fell asleep on the sofa with the cat. Woke up just before Kieran got home, he enjoyed school today, so proud of him for making an effort.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Well done Mavis x x

I was so pleased yesterday to hear Mavis's news. She had her scan and she has been given a stable diagnosis and no change with her mesothelioma (Mr Nasty). This did brighten up a very sad dad after hearing the news that Cher had passed away.

Mavis and I with my Nimble bear.

I am looking forward to seeing her the end of the month to celebrate in person and we will be toasting our lovely Cher and other warriors who have fallen asleep recently.

I have a new monitor, Aunty Rose, My meal monitor. She asks me every evening what I have for my meal. Tonight it was Egg, chips and baked beans. It was going to be peas but she suggested beans instead. I am not going to be able to get away with anything : )

I have been a bit of a home bird these last few days, the weather has been miserable. It has been grey, overcast and raining again. My car is not well, not getting the new one till the end of the month.
I am excited about that, I am also excited about next week as my son, Richard, comes home from Ireland with his girlfriend, Kerri and her two girls. It will be lovely to spend some tine with him. The week after I am off to Derby for an event to raise money for DAST (Derby, Asbestos, Support Team)
It is being organised by IATP an asbestos training company. Mavis is getting an award as is Linda Reinstein, my gorgeous friend from LA. I am looking forward to meeting my warrior family as well.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Cher xx

It is with a heavy heart that I have to add my beautiful friend Cher to the list of wonderful warriors who have gained their wings.
Cher fell asleep this evening with her family beside her.
I was contacted in 2008 by Neil, Cher's husband, since then we have held each others hands as we walk the meso path.
Cher was someone who had such a strong zest for life, she was a tiny lady, her determination, strength and warmth shone through.
Tonight I am sending love and strength to Cher's beautiful family, may her strength and courage inspire us all to fight on x x x

Cher was a very talented artist, She painted the picture featured on the t-shirts, it is called Snowdrops. She very kindly made t-shirts for the warriors which we all wore with pride.  x x

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Quiet weekend.

Not much happened over the weekend.
It was very quiet, Kieran stayed with his dad last night, he went in town and met some friends today, he had lunch, came home and then his friend, who should have met him in town, called and said he was on his way in. Kieran was at home so his friend came to our house.
It is so good to see him have friends around. Something I didn't think I would ever see. That friend went and then another one turned up.
Tomorrow is the last day of the holidays, Kieran should be going in to school on Tuesday.
I have a council representative coming round tomorrow to assess us about council tax. I was on single persons tax but have come off that because Siobhan's BF has moved in. They are making sure that we aren't losing out as we may be due discounts. We shall see what happens.

I have been thinking a lot about warriors who are very ill at the moment. Sending love and strength to all of them and their families.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Back to reality

It has been a quiet start to the new year.
I was so pleased to hear the news from Ian, Steve Wride and Pat in the USA who's husband, Cork, has mesothelioma. Results are stable or reduced growth which is great.

Mavis has had a little set back, she hasn't been feeling well and Jan E has had a lot of pain recently, it's now my turn to nag my aunties!!! I hope they feel better very soon x x 

I have been feeling a slightly light headed and fatigued the last few days, I think my blood count may have dropped again. I will be off to the Dr's on Monday to have a blood test or contact my oncologist who is wonderful and organises everything.
I did the weekly shop today, what a struggle that was. I managed it, I did ask Kieran to help but he decided that when offered the option of going into town (he asked me if I wanted anything) to buy my hair dye, that was much easier. He did it as well and came back with the right one, unlike his dad who went to the city centre for safety pins and came back with paper clips : )
This was a few years ago, nothing changes.

I am going to try and rest up over the weekend, not that I have done a lot this week. Some days I haven't got dressed until the afternoon.

This picture is a couple of years old, I am looking forward to having all my babies back together x x

Richard will be coming home from Ireland on 16th January, we are all looking forward to that as we all miss him. He will be bringing his lady love with him, Kerri and her 2 little girls. They are staying for 10 days. Should be an interesting time x x

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas in pictures.

 I went to visit my dad's memorial plaque on Christmas day.

I also laid some flowers at my cousin Robert's plaque.

Like most people, I miss my loved ones so much at Christmas. It is lovely to go and pay my respects and talk to them. I know they are still around.

Kieran's dad stayed with us Christmas eve, he wanted to see Kieran open his presents Christmas day. As a thank you, he got me a gift. I will enjoy parking my butt down and watching these.

Kieran's dad forgot to write the names on the tags. Good job he remembered who they were for : )
Thank you David.

Kieran got his warrior secret santa gift. He bought a game with it. He was very happy with this.

Christine and Mark sent a gift, I was rather naughty and opened it before Christmas day. So lets pretend I didn't, here it is......

..... A lovely home made Christmas cake.....

..... Thank you Christine and Mark.

My gift from Richard, his girlfriend and her 2 girls....

...... Just a bit more packaging.....

... and a bit more......

 ... a beautiful trinket box with a dragonfly on it.... thank you Rich and Kerri x x x

Here's my warrior secret santa gift......

...... A little box......

... how beautiful, a dragonfly brooch, thank you warrior secret santa x x x

 A pressie from Siobhan.....

 .... oohhh a shopping voucher, one of my favourite things to do.....

And another gift.......

..... a kitty tea towel, so cute : )

More lovely things....

a note book for my handbag....

A gift from my sister Wendy and her husband.......

A pillow to plug my iPod into......

.........And a lovely grey scarf.... Thank you sis x x x x

A gift from my lovely friend, Mandy......

......... A beautiful dragonfly bracelet.....

I love this, thank you so much Mandy x x

I would also like to thank Tina and Lee, Chrissy, Jayne, Avis, Cheryl and Mavis and of course my wonderful warrior sisters who took the time to make the most beautiful box of love.

Siobhan said she was sorry that her gifts weren't much. I told her that her gifts were lovely and if she hadn't got anything, I wouldn't have minded. I had the greatest Christmas gift there is, the gift of life, of another Christmas with her and her brothers and my wonderful friends and warriors. You can't get much better than that. : )